How To Register For GNPC’s Local Undergraduate Scholarship (2020/2021)

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation is a state company which is responsible for the exploration, licensing, and distribution of petroleum-related activities in Ghana.

Also, The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation also offer scholarships opportunities to students. Some of the scholarships are gnpc local postgraduate scholarships, gnpc local undergraduate scholarships and gnpc foreign scholarship.

Both the postgraduate and foreign scholarship are being closed,but the scholarship for University undergraduates was just opened yesterday by the corporation. They confirmed it via their social media handles.

Below are the steps of how you can register and submit your application form for the scholarship ;


  1. Open the web address
  2. Create an account to register
  3. A pin number/code will be sent to you via e-mail or text message after your account has been accepted.
  4. Undergraduates are to upload passport picture, admission letters, WASSCE results or certificates,
    testimonial and birth certificate
  5. Postgraduates are to upload the following documents; passport picture, admission letter,
    academic certificates and transcript, Curriculum Vitae, National Service Certificate, letters of
    recommendation (both academic and occupational), research proposal/thesis.
  6. Provide a one-page (500 words) letter of motivation indicating why GNPC Foundation should
    award you a scholarship for your education, including what your educational and professional
    goals are.
  7. You are to fill and complete, upload and submit a guarantor’s form. List of guarantors are
    a. A senior clergy
    b. A commissioned officer of the armed forces
    c. A senior civil/public servant (Principal Executive Officer and above
    d. A registered medical practitioner
    e. A solicitor or barrister
    f. Head of a recognized Educational Institution
    g. Other recognized professionals in good standing with their respective regulating bodies
    h. Any other person in good standing as may be determined by the Board of Trustees.
  8. Complete the application form.

Note ;

Applicants are to note that the service provided by GNPC Foundation is FREE and that, no individual, group
or third-party entity has been engaged by the GNPC Foundation to assist any applicant.
Under no circumstance whatsoever would an applicant be required to pay any money for the processing
of his or her application.

Any form of payment made to such person, you do so at your own risk.All applications are to be done online. Submission of hard copies of application will be rejected.

This facility does not apply to sandwich, part-time, private or fee-paying students in public tertiary.

For applicants with any form of Disability, upload medical report as evidence of disability.

Continuing students are to upload their statement of results.

The Foundation will not receive any manual applications. An applicant who enjoys any form of
educational scholarship should not apply.It is important that your eligibility for this scholarship award is based on accurate
information. Misrepresentation in any material form renders the application null and void.
Any award made based on misrepresentation shall be withdrawn and if any investments are made
based on the misrepresentation, the applicant may be asked to provide a refund or may face prosecution or both.

Thank you for reading. Apply now and get a scholarship.

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