Hot Leaked Episode 2

Couple of hours later, I have been waiting on my new found friend Derrick’s call. I feel I led him on a bit but. What do you think? You know that feeling that brings butterflies in your tummy? Fresh guy, obviously, lots of girls around him. Smells of bad news but you know you got your A Game on, so you feel covered. But still you know the closer you get to him,the weaker you become, kinda thing?a boyfriend but I just might end up having an affair with him. Oh Guys, you thought girls didn’t feel same huh?

Anyway Derrick didn’t call as promised, so I called him back, 10pm later that night.

This is how it went…..

Maame : (dail number )

Derrick : Hello

Maame: Eiiiii Mister, so you are flexing on me or what?

Maame:(half asleep ) hey maame. What’s up.

Maame: Me what’s up? Weren’t you suppose to call me? Wait were you sleeping?

Derrick : Yeah(Breathes heavily) Maame can you please hold on for a second.

Maame: (call on hold)

Derrick : hello

Maame : Yeah Derrick is everything okk?

Derrick : Sorry , yeah my girlfriend was calling

Maame : Oh! You have a girlfriend? let me hung up so she can call

Derrick : Oh no no no, that’s fine she is off the line now

Maame : yeah but won’t she call back

Derrick : that’s okay she’s coming over.

Maame : Oh I see then we will talk later.

Derrick : She is not in now. Don’t hung up. You still wanna buy the phone? Cus I reserved it for you. The iPhone 11 pro.

Maame: oh eeeerrrmm, yeah I will buy it. You let’s talk later.

Derrick : You suddenly. Sound like you are in rush to get off the line.

Maame : Not that, but I don’t want to take you time like I did this morning. Besides your girlfriend is coming over. She may be jealous and moreover concerned you talking to a customer, especially a girl at 10pm.

Derrick : Oh not at all. She understands my clients will call me at any time.

Maame : So you guys live together or she’s just coming to keep you cozy? Sings(se nia weather n’aye no)

Derrick : (laughs) Oh I’m not like that.

Maame : Not like that sen. Ah so what. You mean to say you guys don’t have sex?

Derrick : Oh we do. Of course we do

Maame : Because as we can all see. From the pic you sent me you are a heavy loader….


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