10 signs you are actually a GENIUS!!(Intelligence Test)

  1. Are he colours in the yellow and blue background the same?

In fact, the colours in the two backgrounds are actually the same. The reason for the colour might be brightness from the backgrounds and your eye sight?

2. Which diagram is longer than the other?

If your answer is the down one, then I’m sorry. In fact, the lengths are actually the same. The only difference is their representation and skewing of the tips.

3.How many planks do we have in the picture below?

When you look critically at the illustration above, one will argue that we have three planks and someone will also say that, there are four planks. However, there are neither four or three because a line has drawn in the middle.

4. Can you identify the mistake in the picture below??

A lot of people might be checking on the digits to find the mistake, but in fact that’s not where the mistake can be found but the mistake is the sentence asking the question ‘the’, ‘the’know

5. Which is the top view of the diagram?

If you could spot the answer in 2sec, then you are actually a genius. It is “C”

6. How many animals are in the picture below?

One might say that we have just four animals, however there are actually 16 animals in the diagram. See picture below

7. Can you spot the differences between the pictures below?

The pictures looks very similar and truly it will take only a genius to identify the difference. However see the difference in the picture below;

8.How many legs has the elephant below?

Some may argue that, it has four while others say it has just five, however only one leg is present while the others have been removed or moved. see the picture below;

9. Which rectangle represents the correct view of the diagram below?

If your answer is 4, then you are right but you must identify that in 3secs

10.If you can mention the colours in the picture below within 20sec without mentioning the word,, then you are actually a genius. Try and give a comment;

How many of the tests did you pass, kindly give me a comment in the comment box. Thank you

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