Two Men Found Dead In A Galamsey Pit

Two people namely Yakubu Chaya and Akwasi Charles were found dead in a galamsey pit last Sunday. This incident happened at Kokoase in the Asutifi District of the Ahafo Region of Ghana. Their ages are 40 and 31 years respectively.

It was reported that they were illegal miners who were mining in the pit and unfortunately the pit collapsed and met their death. It was said that one of the victims called Yakubu Chaya was recused when the incident happened so he was rushed to the nearest hospital but he couldn’t survive because his condition was very critical.

The Regional Police Public Relations Officer of the region reported that this sad incident was reported to them on 29th November 2020 late morning.

He also said that the police will do their possible best to do more investigations about this incident and also make more efforts to arrest the illegal owner of the galamsey pit.

It was also said that the bodies of the deceased have been taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital at Hwidiem and they are going to do an autopsy on them.

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