PHONE / SOCIAL MEDIA = WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE RAN TO? where is human conscience hiding?

PHONE / SOCIAL MEDIA = WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE RAN TO? where is human conscience hiding?

In the worst moments of people, the best we do now is to take a phone to take pictures and videos so we can share on social media for likes, blogging and unnecessary coments.

We won’t mourn and show compassion for people in pain, we will rather broadcast their pain for our selfish social media popularity. Even the dead cannot rest in peace (as we saw with people taking pictures and videos with Ebony’s mortal remains and now Diego Maradona, what a generation!

In the midst of fatal accidents, while blood is pouring and people are stuck in vehicle wreckage, out first instinct is go to our phone and broadcast live on social media.

Generation of social media peverts where people even take pictures and videos of their own private sexual activities like porn stars. In the bathroom while we take our baths, the camera must be on – our nakedness is no longer private but public commodity.

 When Adam and Eve realised they were naked, the first thing they did was to cover themselves even though they were alone in the Garden of Eden: we say we are more civilized wearing all kinds of expensive clothes, yet our first realization is to rather go naked and broadcast on social media.

Even the reverence for God is gone… Church used to be sacred grounds where people entered with repentant hearts, reflective minds and attitude of humility hoping to hear the Word of God and live  by it – Today, we go to church always late because even on the road to church we can’t keep out eyes off the phone. During worship, when our hearts should be reverencing God and our hands lifted in surrender, our fingers will rather be busy on our phone’s touch screen typing only God know what.

The funny thing is that people now pray to God on their social media status and yet cannot open their mouth to make one minute of real prayer. During preaching, we pretend to be checking Bible verses on our phone while the truth is that we are checking our live score to see how we are doing on the soccer bets we placed before coming to church. Some even use the preaching time to respond and give replies to all the whatsapp messages they have not read. Mercy on our spiritual life!

People no longer understand what private life and secret is, everything must be done on social media. We are ruining our marriages, destroying friendships, wrecking companies and businesses, damaging people’s reputation and disgracing our ownselves because we must use our social media status to cast aspersions, throw inuendos, insults and fight online when we should be learning how to dialogue in person as human beings to Solve problems. Let a pin drop in your marriage and you are on social media, and then you wonder why your marriage is not working. Oh, what happened to common sense? 

The phone was made to make communication and human activities easier  not to replace the mind and life humans. Social Media is good but it was not created to replace our common sense and conscience as human beings. It was not meant to destroy our moral Fibre and corrupt foundational human and spiritual etiquettes. 

You are not a piece of circuits, electronic boards and batteries : you are not a robot but a human being created in the image and likeness of God… Never forget this!

Help share this to reach to someone’s conscience and start the change we need. God bless you 

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