My Destiny

In a traditional society or village in the dim past, had a precocious child suggested that, one day, it might be possible to talk with another person in any part of the world through a simple pocket size gadget, the elders might have declared on the spot that the child, especially if a girl was witch.

You are the master of your own destiny. Everything that happens in your life is in your hands. Your destiny is much up to you. You continue to live under cover and behind the mask of your own deceit and at the end you get chocked in the desert by the dust of your own frustration. Take a massive action on your plans and goals.

Get up and meet the right people, ask the right questions and get the right answers, knock on a few thousand doors, know the right things, make the right phone calls and start right. Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, you could be a broke professor, but let your learning lead to action and you could be a millionaire.

Taking action is the miracle, your turning point and your pivot. Remember some people dreamt of big things while others stay awake and accomplish them.

Talking about secrets of success there are not real secrets to success. We become what we repeatedly do. People are successful because they repeatedly do the right things that will lead them to success. Every success story, no matter how mind burgling, came out of a written down goal. A goal is an aim and a target and without a goal there is no direction.

A person without a goal is like a driver that has set out on a journey and has no clue of where he is going. Before you can be mentored or couched, you still need to have a goal. Your couch or mentor cannot decide for you who want to be because it’s personal to you. You only tell your couch where you are going, and then he helps lead you to the spot.

The secret is that when you pen down something in your mind on paper, you have already achieved it. You have made tangible what was only spiritual in your mind. Now you can see it, and that is all about achievement. You have something at least to show for it. The best thing achievers do is to show people their goals and not tell them from their heads. Practically it begins to work because your mind has thought and your hand has written, so your whole body is convinced and has agreed to it. This creates the energy and synergy that is ever required to achieve anything.

If you haven’t discovered something that you will die for, then you don’t to live. Decide today to create your own future. You have got all it takes to create it. If what you are doing is not getting you closer to where you are going, then stop doing it. Relax, concentrate and recalibrate yourself in the right direction, you will surely get there. Don’t wait for God to drop it in you, it’s already in you. He has finished creating you, it’s time for you to create. When God created the universe, He spoke everything into being. He commanded the light out of darkness, the fish out of water and the plant species out of dirt. If God can bring forth great things from darkness, water and dirt, wonder what God can bring out of you. But it is in your hands.

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Remember nothing changes until you change and you will never change anything until you change your mind.

Bushiran Ibrahim Witol

Financial secretary, RNMA

Upper West Region


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