Love or Sex; an Advice to my Special ladies

A woman with only a beautiful face is only good for a night, but a woman with a beautiful heart is good for life.

My dear ladies mind the way you handle and present yourself out there because it speaks so much about who you are. If you treat yourself cheaply, you will attract fake and irresponsible men around you, and if you treat yourself with dignity, you will attract a few sensibly and serious people around you.

No matter how beautiful you are you can never marry all the men in your life, just choose one and stay with him because none of them is perfect not even you. You can never get a perfect guy but you can create a perfect guy from an imperfect person and vice versa.

If you have a bad attitude, work on it, change it, stop looking for who will love you the way you are.

My dear ladies, there are two types of men pursuing you; those whose only goal is to sex you, and those whose goal is to love you.

A man who wants to love you will want to know you; his conversations will be more than sexual. He will not brag how great he is in bed; he will let his care for you brag how great a man he can be. He will go out of his way to make you see a lifetime partner/ a husband in him. He will not rush you.

He will not be quick to tell you he loves you because his words carry weight. He will often talk about a future with you, whether directly or hint at it, and you will see the effort in bringing about that future. Handling you in a way to win your trust and not forcing you but inspiring you to choose him.

He will not be quick to have sex with you, he will be willing to wait, and even after he had sex with you, he will love you even more because sex is just part of the equation not the whole of it.

You can tell a man’s view about love, by finding out his view about sex and how casually or highly he talks about sex.

The greatest battles women face in their mind and spirit are brought about by sex. You may have sex with men who use condoms but sex is more complex than rubber.

Some ladies struggle to sleep, are nursing emotional wounds, have drifted away from God, are full of confusion, are finding it a struggle to enjoy their men, and are in torment because of sex.

Men attend to women for two reasons; sex and love. But in most cases men do not marry for sex or love, they marry for stability.

 A man can love you and not marry you. A man can have sex with you for years without marrying you but immediately he finds someone who brings stability in his life, he marries her.

What I meant by stability is peace of mind. I have seen and heard a couple of guys making this statement ‘I love this lady but I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life with her’.

Men are visionaries when they think about marriage. They don’t think about wedding dresses or bridesmaid or anything that most ladies think it’s fanciful. They think whether this woman can build me a home? Can she take care of the kids and can she give me peace of mind?

Men don’t like ladies who give them discomfort. This is why a man can stay with a woman for many years and meet another in a month and get married to her. It’s the comfort of having the peace of mind they want.

Your body only belongs to your husband, not your boyfriend. Please don’t give a boyfriend something that only your husband should be getting. Sex is a gift from God for a husband not a present for your boyfriend.

Ladies, guard your womanhood; it is the door to your soul, spirit, heart, and mind.

Give it to the right man.

Sex is a pleasure.

Love is affection.

Respect is stability.

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