Guidance From The Best Of Those Who Guide

Even with all these components Allah has endlwed us with, we still need Tawfiqul Allah (guidance from Allah). Without tawfiq we might be misled by our desires or by the whispering or insinuation of Satan. Thus we need to be nearer to Allah. We need to do du’a to Allah (calling on Him) all the time and to devote our hearts to Him so that we are persistently seeking His help, His refuge, His Hidayah (guidance). That is why at least 17 times a day we say “Guide us to the Straight Way” – we need Allah’s guidance again and again. The guidance is not only to the path but it is also within the path.
These are the two classes of guidance (hidayah) – (i) to the path is becoming a Muslim and (ii) within the path is increasing our Services. The Scholars say we need guidance within
the path every moment of the day – we need Allah’s guidance more than we need to breathe.
It is narrated by the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, in one narration that Allah created a man on an island where he was the only person there. Allah gave the man rizq by providing fruits on which man survived. For 70 years the man lived and worshipped only Allah, as there were no problems there. When the time came for the man to die, Allah instructed the angel to bring his soul to Him. Allah asked the man, “O My servant, to Paradise or to Hellfire?” The man replied, “O Allah, Almighty, to Paradise.” Allah said, “O My servant, is it because of My Mercy
or is it because of your amal (good deeds)?” The man replied, “O Allah, it is because of my amal.
For 70 years I worshipped you. I have done nothing bad, only good deeds worshipping you.”
Then Allah instructed his angel to take the bounty of sight and put it on one scale. He then
commanded the angel to put the man’s 70 years’ worth of good deeds on the remaining scale. The bounty of sight weighed heavier than the deeds of 70 years.
In summary, if for 70 years we were to worship Allah and perform good deeds and refrain from bad deeds, we will still not be able to repay Allah for one of His favours or bounties. The Scholars say if you want to know Allah’s favour on you, close your eyes. If we close our eyes and imagine that we can no longer see and try to imagine how our life would be, only then can we truly appreciate and value the mercy of Allah.
The narrations are the sources of our iman (faith), knowledge, and guidance as we are taught by the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Studying and understanding the Hadiths will ignite our insight (basirah), enlighten our hearts, and uplift our souls. This will by the help of Allah, lead us and keep us on the straight path to the end, insha Allah. This was helpful?:Drop your comments.

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  1. Forgetfulness to some extent is a sin
    Imagine living a healthier life for good 30yrs and one day sickness made mankind blame God forgetting of 30yrs of health what a wonderful world we live in God prevent us from forgetting

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