Across the weekend all across the world, the football world decided to observe a minute’s silence in respect to arguably the greatest player of all time, Diego Maradona who lost his life a few days ago at that age of 60. The observance saw many sad faces including the legendary coach, Carlo Ancelotti who was seen crying during the tribute before the Everton vs Leeds match. Ancelotti is believed to have shared the pitch with Maradona about ten times when he played for AC Milan and AS Roma as Maradona featured for Napoli. Messi dedicated his goal as well with a reveal of a No.10 jersey Maradona wore during his days at Newell in Argentina. Bielsa and Simeone all shared their sorrows to this very painful death over the weekend.

However, not everyone was in that mood. Turns out someone did not actually like Maradona as a humanbeing. Paula Dapena, a female footballer and Spaniard decided to sit on the ground as her teammates and opponents were observing a minute’s silence for Maradona. It was a match between Viajes Interrias FF and Deportivo Abanca in Coruna. Paula who plays for the former is described by her teammates as a strong believer of feminism and as such a very strong feminist. She claimed she did not observe the minute’s silence due to the fact that Maradona was a rapist, paedophile and abuser. She also expressed her disappointment of there not being a minute’s silence for the International Day for the eradication of Violence against Women. She claimed a minute’s silence was not observed for the victims of violence so why should she observe one for abuser. However, she was quick to point out the late Maradona’s football abilities and how he impacted football in his generation and added that even as a spectacular footballer, you have to have values before abilities. Even though she was the only one bold enough not to stand and observe a minute’s silence, she had the support of the opposition’s manager as she claimed she understood her actions after she was asked at half time.

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