Eat or Be Eaten

I can always imagine vividly anytime it’s threatening to rain, clouds gathering and the weather getting stormy, people running helter-skater to find shelter and perhaps to protect property from damage by the rains, I always find it very profound when I look on our streets. I see people speeding in different directions and opposite directions. It is always so amazing to realize that where one is running to is the same place another is running from. The very fact underlying this scenario is that every destination is a starting point and every starting point is a destination to different people at different places and different times.

One’s man food is another man’s poison. This adage always remains a cliché yet very profound in its strictest of senses, we neither have an absolute good nor bad in the universe but it depends on who is favoured and who is not. Every loss is a gain to another and every good is a bad to another. In the world of trade before one gains money, another must lose that same money in order to acquire value. Be careful of what you lose to gain what. Trade your value for worth.

In the jungle, you either eat or be eaten. Nature doesn’t care if species wants to survive, it has to prove it deserves to. The world is like a jungle and in the jungle you need to survive. Either you adapt to the rules of the jungle or you die in the jungle. Whatever that has a side has the other side. Our choices prophesy who and what we become. No one ever chooses to fail but our actions and decisions would determine.

Awaken the giant within you. Who you are and want to be has no correlation to where you come from. Your history is not your destiny. It doesn’t matter where you take things from but where you take them to. Your beginning doesn’t actually matter but your end does. You can originate from a muddy mess to a shining glory. This is powered by choice. Obviously our choices are limited when it comes to success, we either choose to fail or succeed. Success is relative to different people. To some, success might mean financial freedom, to others it might mean self-fulfillment and satiety and to other schools of thought it might be, having a happy life. In any of these cases you still have to choose to succeed.

God has networked the universe with his principles. The mind is like a mental factory and what goes in it would determine the fabric of our lives. We cannot succeed with a mindset of failure. Success is not coincidental, it’s deliberately and intentional. We become what we feed our minds. If you input chaff into your mind, your output will be chaff. Garbage in, garbage out.

We cannot solve any problem with the mindsets we had when we created them. The solution to any problem begins with an upgrade and change of mind. If you want to be big solve big problems. Every day in our lives we would be faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as problems. In a nut shell, problems and opportunities are just like nut in a shell. You can never get the nut unless you crack the shell. Be someone who sees beyond your problems because your opportunities are wrapped in the problems. The greatest and richest people in the world are people who solve great problems. You can tell how great your opportunity is by how great the problem is that you are facing. Don’t go for easy, else you would degenerate into lowlife. Go for possible instead, and you would do great exploits.

God has deposited the most precious of minerals deep down the ground and inside rocks. If God knows these minerals are precious, why wouldn’t He make it easily accessible to everyone and yet people have to dig so deep and break the rocks to access these precious mineral. The difference between who we are today and what we dream of becoming is the decisions, actions and choices we are ready to make. It’s not about getting there. You cannot get to the right destination going through the wrong route.

Just a few of us amongst the crowd are willing to break the rocks and dig through mountains to get to our goals. It takes sheer determination and hard work but a few of us have that discipline. You either choose to stand out and be recognized or fit into the crowd and never be seen. If you follow the crowd, you will never get beyond the crowd, but the amazing thing is that you will have a whole crowd following you if you choose to be different.

Nature doesn’t owe you a dime, you owe it to yourself. Nature doesn’t care if you want to survive; you have to prove you deserve to survive.

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