Breaking news: Qwamina MP’s Father Ressurects From Death After Fatal Accident

A few days ago we had this news circulating all over the internet that the hiplife-hMiphop artist Qwamina MP has been involved in a serious accident and has resulted in the death of the father who was also traveling along with him in the same car

The bloggers were posting that his father was dead because of what they were hearing from people who were at the accident scene

But unfortunately it was not confirmed by any doctor that he was dead.

But later Qwamina MP’s manager “Forena” came out to say that his father is not dead but rather unconcious but we didn’t see that on the net or media so a lot of people were not aware.

This morning a friend of mine messaged me that Qwamina MP’s father “uncle fii” is now in good condition.

And Qwamina’s biological brother too has posted on his Twitter page that his father is alive and in good condition

Although the video and pictures are not out but from the family he issue now in good condition and waiting to be discharged from the hospital very soon.

So We all say Thank You to the Lord for saving the life of both of them.

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