An Increase Yet A Decrease In Reality

1.A person’s increase in worldly things is a decrease, it’s profit without pure goodness is a loss.

  1. And whatever of it is appointed, which does not remain- then it really means deprivation.
  2. O the one who tools in bringing life to a temporal abode, -by Allah is there in the wrecking of life, life?
  3. O the one who is covetous in gathering wealth,- do you forget that the pleasure of wealth brings about sorrow?
  4. Empty your heart from the world and it’s ornaments what seems of it to be pure is murky and what seems close is afar.
  5. Be attentive in listening to the metaphors compiled, just as rubies and pearls are strung together.
  6. Be good with people and their hearts will be won over, for the human being will always be won over with good.
  7. O the one serving his body will come to regret, do you seek the profit in that which in it has a loss?
  8. Look to thy soul and complete it’s virtue- for you are human being by the soul not by the body.
  9. If someone wrongs you- then let yourself meet his error with pardon and forgiveness.
  10. And always assist the one who counts on you- for the helper is always liberated.
  11. Hold firmly with both hands to the rope of Allah, for it is that one pillar (to hold) when all pillars desert you.
  12. The one who is conscious of Allah is to be praised in his outcomes, and it suffices him as a trial to those who harm and belittle him.
  13. The one who seeks help with other than Allah in matters- for indeed his helper is helpless and a letdown.
  14. The one who is void of good is without, in reality, friends or comrades.
  15. The one who is generous with his wealth, people gravitate towards him, and wealth for the human being is a trial.
  16. The one who is peaceful with the people is safe from their afflictions, and he lives a life contented and happy.
  17. The one who gives intellect it’s due dominion- he shall not be overcome by the influence of desire in him.
  18. The one who stretches his looks towards ignorance in way of desire- will only day overlook the truth, thus being disgraced.
  19. Those who socialize with people ( in vain) will meet exhaustion- for their nature is aggression and enemity.
  20. Those who scrutinize their friends, will decrease them- for most friends in this age are disloyal.
  21. The one who takes counsel from historic events, establishes for him a proof about the nature of time.
  22. The one who does evil shall harvest its outcome- regret, for its harvest is a clear result.
  23. Who takes rest amongst evil people- he rests and his shirt from them is a viper and a cobra.
  24. Be the one who smiles often- for the face is a page upon which smiling is its title. So make it a habit to smile often for it breeds friendship. Meeting others with a smiley countenance is a virtue in itself .

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