10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

The consumer world is smaller than you think these companies secretly control everything we eat, wear and buy.

Number 10 – Nestle

Nestle own over 8,500 different brands in 80 countries.We know you heard of Aero, Kit Kat, Milky Bar, etc. But there are other products you didn’t know are owned by nestle, such as Hot pockets, Gerber Baby Food, Purina pet etc. They also own huge percentages of some other huge food companies such as L’Oreal.Nestle have not always used their massive power  for good. In 2013, they were accused of depriving locals in a small community in Pakistan of water by using their local well for their bottled water production company ‘Pure Water’.

Number 9-Lockheed Martin

With global military expenditure standing at over $1.5 trillion every year, it is not surprise that companies producing and supplying weapons exert a huge amount of power over world events. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons manufacturer. They have employed over 150, 000  people and make more than $70 billion a year. National militaries around the world rely on Lockhead. Example, it is the United States’ largest government contactor receiving about 10% of the pentagon funds. They also supply weapons to India, Japan, Israel  Germany and UK and other countries. However, Lockheed Martin’s control has spread beyond this. They spend a great deal of money on lobbying, especially in America, investing approximately $10 million a year into this. They tend to offer their financial support to political candidates who advocate higher national defense spending, in order to ensure more investment in their own products. Clever, isn’t it?

Number 8 – Quanta Computer Inc.

Macs, Dells, Hps, Sonys, Toshibas – all these laptops come from the same manufacturer : Quanta Computer Inc.

Number 7- Inbev

There is actually only one company who has a huge monopoly over the beer industry : Inbev. Basically, whenever you’re buying beer, there’s a strong likelihood that your money will at some point end up in InBev’s pocket.

Number 6-Pfizer

Pfizer is an american-based global pharmaceutical corporation, making $40 billion in profit every year.The drug giant was fined over $100 million for illegally hiking up the price of the anti-epilepsy drug by 2,600% overnight.This directly affected how much the UK’s National Health Service had to pay and stripped 50,000 people of potentially life-saving medication.

Medical syringes are seen with Pfizer company logo displayed on a screen in the background in this illustration photo taken in Poland on October 12, 2020. (Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Number 5 – Pearson

Pearson has a huge monopoly over the education sector, so huge that it’s been able to hike up the prices without anyone being able to stop them.

Number 4 – ICBC

The Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China is a state owned banking goliath and undoubtedly the most powerful bank on the planet.It has over $3 trillion in assests and a market value of $215.6 billion, meaning it reigns supreme at the top of Forbes’ “World’s Biggest Public Companies” list.

Number 3 – Monsanto

The American giant specializing in agricultural biotechnology is estimated to be worth a huge $65 billion.

Number 2 – Disney

More than half of the highest grossing movies of the last decade are owned by Disney.Disney also own, or partly own, a load of other companies. They own TV networks ABC, ESPN and The History Channel. With the media playing an incomparable role when it comes to public sentiment and knowledge, Disney’s vast empires makes one of the most powerful companies in the world.

Number 1 – Alphabet Inc.

Not many people know that this company actually owns Google..

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