What Will Your Excuse?

DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaum Ath-thalaatha, 19th day of Jumaada Al-Awwal (Tuesday 14th of January, 2020).

ALLAH has instructed us to adhere firmly and strongly to His religion, the Islamic religion as He says (interpretation of the meaning): β€œHold firmly to that which ALLAH has given you” [al-Baqarah 2:63]. Religion is a serious matter that separates truth from falsehood, it is not a thing for amusement [Quran 86:13].
Many people do not always take the matters of their religion seriously, and they offer feeble excuses. This is one of the signs of the Munaafiquun (hypocrites), who take their religion for mockery and amusement [Quran 5:57], and when they are rebuked or advice is offered to them, they come up with excuses which in fact are worse than the sin for which they are offering these flimsy excuses.
Often we hear strange or weird responses from people when we seek to offer advice or confront them about their evil acts and sins. For instance: Why do you not give up this sin? They reply;- These are difficult times, and each and everyone is like this. I have not yet been guided.
You ask;
The joke you told is a serious issue, and it is making a mockery of Islam. They reply;- My intention is sound, and I only meant to have some fun.
You ask; How can you work in this forbidden or haraam job? They say;

  • I cannot find any other job. Do you want me to die of hunger or starvation?
    You ask;
    How could you shake hands with a woman who is a stranger to you (non-mahram) whilst the Prophet warned us against such action? They reply; My heart is pure, subhaanallah, is your heart purer than the Prophet?. You ask;
    Why do you fail to wake your child up to pray Fajr? They say; Poor kid, he did not get enough sleep and he has to go to school. She is still young. When she attains the age of puberty we will instructl her to wear hijaab and pray.
    You ask;
    Why do you shave off your beard, my brother? They reply; Because it does not look nice, I cannot grow a full beard. Etc. Thus people come up with various categories of flimsy excuses one after another, for major and minor sins alike, in a failed attempt to avoid feeling guilty and avoid the
    of sincere people. Let’s fear death and strive hard to obey the commands and injunctions of ALLAH.
    May ALLAH protect us and our offspring from such behaviour. Aameen.
    Hope the above piece was really helpful. Always put it at the back of the mind that when you sleep over the bed of heedlessness during your youthful age, you should be sure to trend on the path of regret during your old age. And also know that whatever we spend on the course of Allah (put forth before us), is what is actually ours and whatever we save is really not ours but belongs to our inheritors.

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