Teacher trainee cries ahead of ELECTION 2020

Teachers as understood by the world, are the learners’ psychological doctors. They are the learners’ parents in the school environment. The newly trained teacher in a state of dilemma as to which political party to give the nod in the 2020 general elections come December 7.

The newly trained teacher had an overview of the opposition NDC’s administration, formulation and implementation of educational policies in the country. In the NPP’s campaign message for the 2016 general elections, the party promised restoration of teacher trainees’ allowances. The newly trained teacher was excited upon hearing this heart-catching message of the NPP. The teacher thought of it and concluded that this could bring some sort of relief and unhesitatingly, gave the NPP government the nod to spearhead the affairs of Mother Ghana.

In one of the famous stories of the legendary author, Chinua Achebe, he stated, “a snail does not move without its shell”. The NPP government fulfilled their promise of restoring the teacher trainees allowance. Unfortunately, the trainee met his unforeseen death trap named mandatory National Service and Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination. Upon hearing this news, the trainee thought it wise to engage the stakeholders so that they could help withdraw this burden on the newly trained teacher. All the efforts of the trainee did not yield any good result. The trainee again, took it to a different level that since demonstration is the language that government understands better, he tried this avenue too…… To the surprise of the trainee, the government official in charge of education comforted the trainee with this,

Whether demo or no demo, you will do the national service”.

The newly trained teacher had resorted to the adage, “Had I know they say, is always at last”. After completing college, he has to write another exam which will make him eligible to be employed in the teaching profession.

It is another general election come December 7. The NDC is promising the newly trained teacher that trainees allowance will be maintained but the mandatory National Service and Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination will be terminated; the faith of the newly trained teacher. The future of the newly trained is now put on the line. The teacher is in a state of dilemma as to which political party to vote for….

The newly trained teacher’s life matters.

Credit : Jacob Adukpo, Newly Trained Teacher

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