Learn These Words Of Wisdom

  1. Be gentle in all your affairs- for the gentle one won’t regret (his choice) or be rebuked by a human.
  2. Don’t be deluded by the success of a rude one – for harshness is demolishing and compassion is construction.
  3. Act well when opportunity presents itself, for a person’s opportunity doesn’t remain forever.
  4. A garden’s beauty is seen in its flowers full bloom, a person’s beauty is in justice and excellence.
  5. Protect your face (honour) and do not lift its veil – for all persons are protecting their face (honour).
  6. If you meet a foe – always meet him with a smiling face and a radiant state.
  7. Leave laziness in the good you seek – for the lazy one will not be happy with good.
  8. There is no shade for a person diverted from piety and intellect, – even if shaded by leaves and its branches.
  9. And the people ally with the one who runs their state – and they oppose him as soon as his allies turn on him.
  10. Don’t confide your secret matters to one who will then spread them – for livestock is not shepherded in a den of wolves.
  11. Don’t consider people to be one of disposition – dispositions are such they can’t be enumerated, like colours.
  12. Don’t delay good actions- for righteousness is cut by procrastination and postponement.
  13. Don’t take counsel except from an observant, reasonable confidant – who is the same in private and public.
  14. For every step needed are experts when they mount – good at what they do, as the knight is war.
  15. For all matters are by pre-destiny allotted, every matter has a point and a measure.
  16. Don’t hasten a matter you seek, it is not praised that change takes place prior to completion.
  17. Sufficient livelihood is that which requires no reliance on others – for the person who achieves it, is rich.
  18. The contented one is he who is pleased with his livelihood – the covetous one when even given wealth is unhappy.
  19. It is enough for a person to have his intellect as a comrade – if friends and comrades have kept distance from him.
  20. Wisdom and piety suckle from one breast – residing in one homeland just like wealth and transgression.
  21. If for a noble man things become difficult in his homeland – behind him is the earth spread as homeland.
  22. O oppressor exuberant with his authority – if you are in the slightest absentmindedness then (know) time is ever wakeful.
  23. You would have never made oppression sweet if you were honest, has anyone tasted the colocynth and found it to be sweet?
  24. O you scholar of soundness because of your conduct – have good tidings for you even without water are fully quenched.
  25. O you ignorant brother, were you to be in a ravine, even whilst in it no doubt you are thirsty.
  26. Don’t expect everlasting happiness – a moment of time may mean happiness but other moments mean sorrow.
  27. If a close friend distances himself from you, then seek someone else, for all people are brothers.
  28. If you find it impossible to reside in your homeland, travel for every land is Allah’s.
  29. O deluded one by his glass of youthfulness, is a drunkard seen as being guided?
  30. Don’t be deluded by the splendour of youth, for how many young end, before having a change to be old?
  31. O elder brother if you advised yourself – you wouldn’t find someone like you more obedient to his pleasures.
  32. Youthfulness has an excuse in being young, what is the excuse of an elderly person when Shaytan seduces him?
  33. All sins are forgiven by Allah, provided the person possesses sincerity and belief.
  34. Anything that breaks is amendable with the Deen, but he who breaks the spear of the Deen can’t be amended.
  35. Take this refined advice , it is clear for the one who desires clarity.
  36. It is not sufficient in its composition of beauty, even though its composition is not like the poems of Hassaan.
    By Abu Fath Al-Busti

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