4Γ—4 is a Ghanaian hip hop musical group formed in 2000 by Captain Planet (Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey) and Coded, formerly Abortion (Russell Edem Avornyo) with the help of Ronnie Coches and Bright Bling Sparkles (Buk Bak). They are reputed to have brought crunk to Ghana.

Captain planet 4Γ—4 

The group is on a break as all members have been doing their own individual projects here and there.
The leader of the group Captain Planet has been releasing hit songs ever since he started his solo project. Some of his hits songs are Obi girl, I miss you die, Mpenatwii and many more.

The rapper who in a recent interview made it known that marriage has changed his life for the better.

Captain Planet and wife Uche Ofodile

β€œI am now more responsible because I am a family man. I need to take care of my wife and also my children at home.

β€œI respect everyone no matter their age and the kind of lyrics I write has even changed. For instance, I cannot write songs with swear words because of where I stand now,” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently.

Captain planet 4Γ—4 posted on his Twitter page a dream he had about a big Nigerian artist who might die as a result of food poisoning
He then urged everyone to pray very hard for this dream not to come true.

Below is what he posted on his Twitter page

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