How to start Conversation with a Girl.

🧸Compliment her. Keep it genuine and polite. 

🧸Try a pickup line. Agood pickup line will make a girl laugh and definitely get her attention. 

🧸Focuson non-verbal cues. You can use non-verbal cues,such as body language or facial expressions,to turn an otherwise non-flirtatious comment into something with romantic undertones.

🧸Approach her. Goup to the girl you want to start a conversation with,smile and say hello. 

🧸Ask her how she is doing. Politelyasking a girl how her day was or how she’s feeling is a nice way to get her talking. 

🧸Comment about the weather. Youcan’t go wrong with a harmless observation about the weather,or some other matter of fact subject.Make a comment about how sunny,windy,rainy it is. 

🧸Ask a question about class or work.Finding some common ground can really help to break the ice in a conversation. 

🧸Bring up pop culture. Referencingpop culture is a clever,non-personal way to bring up personal interests. 

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