Sad News: 57 Old Woman Shot Dead In Mobile Money Attack

November 27, 2020Ebenezer Dadzie

57 old woman shot dead when three armed robbers attacked a mobile money vendor. It was reported that the woman was a Pentecost elder. This incident happened at Kumasi Wawasee.

According to the witness, one man who was dressed as a security man came to buy Indomie at an Indomie joint near the mobile money vendor. He was holding a gun (AK47) but they thought he was security personnel because of the way he was dressed.

He said the armed robber who has dressed like security personnel pointed the gun at him and told him not to shout else he will kill him not knowing two other armed robbers were attacking the mobile money vendor. One person who saw the action raised an alarm about the attack. As the robbers were running, one of them gave out a warning shot which unfortunately gunned down a 57 old woman who was returning from a funeral.

It was reported that the armed robbers attacked two mobile money vendors and a supermarket. They took an amount which was more than 5000 cedis and mobile phones from the mobile money vendors but left them unharmed.

The police have started doing their investigations about the incident and the dead woman has also been taken to the morgue.

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