THE PROUD. A Proud person has an inordinate self-love


A Proud person has an inordinate self-love that makes them feel they are better than others. It gives them a sense of superiority complex making them look at other people as inferior.

 Proud people always feel they are better, wiser, more intelligent, more deserving and more successful than others. By this mindset they don’t like advice, suggestions and counsel : they feel they know it all already and thus look down on other people’s opinions, input and intelligence

 The tonation of the Proud is often harsh and demeaning. As they try to project themselves, they often have to downcast others first. That is the typical tonation of a proud communicator.

You will often hear the use of the Pronouns (I, Me, Myself) a lot from the Proud communicator because everything must be about them

 You will often hear the following phrases from a proud communicator :

– Do you know who I am?

– Do you know who I know?

– I am this.. I am that..

– Do you know what I have?

– Which school did you attend?

– When people are talking, you are also adding your voice.

– You can’t talk to me

– You are below me etc

 _Dealing with the Proud Communicator_

1. Silence him with results : if you decide to go word for word, verbal for verbal attack and response with a proud communicator, the two of you will always be in confusion because such a person never admits they are wrong.

They are rather silenced by results. If they argue that something cannot be done, the only way to change them is to have that thing done successfully

 Get them help

What a proud communicator needs the most is the realization that their utterances and actions are wrong and needless. They can only come to this realization under good counseling and guidance. Get them that help

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