My story as a POJOBA – PJ throw back

Senior High Schools are some of the loveliest places to ever be (especially in the boarding house). Many great men had their foundations built while they were in Senior High School.

Pope John Senior High and Minor Seminary is undoubtedly the best Senior High School in Ghana. Whether you like it or yes, that is the best Senior High School in Ghana. Pope John Senior High and Major Seminary can be located in Koforidua – Effiduase. Pope John has produced a lot of good students and has built in its products (alumni) good characters. Pope John products are indeed the future leaders of Ghana as can be seen in the school’s anthem. I am proud to be a POJOBA.

My career began when I first stepped my feet into the ‘pojoland’. One of the first groups I joined when I entered Pope John is the school band. My love for music never ceases. It wasn’t easy for me as a science student who was also in the school band. Haha, I wouldn’t like to ‘say’ so much here about my life story in PJ. I will only give some few throw backs.

But hey! I can’t possibly say any throw back without acknowledging the impacts POJOSS has on me. In fact, throughout my stay in POJOSS, one thing I have come to realize is, POJOSS doesn’t feed its students. POJOSS teaches its students to feed by themselves. POJOSS teaches students how to learn effectively. POJOSS brings out maturity in its students. It hasn’t been easy for us, but now, many of us (old boys) are enjoying what POJOSS has put in us. In those days we were very young (in our adolescent age), we thought the school was ‘bullying’ us, but we have all come to appreciate what the school has done for us. Just imagine a science class without core science teacher. Science students in Pope John have nothing like core science teacher. All science students in POJOSS were obliged to learn core science on their own. This was ‘tough drilling,’ yet we succeeded. That has been the norm in the school. Our ‘ancestors’ passed through this same system and made it; therefore, we had no excuse but to also pass through it. Many of us at that time thought it wasn’t fair, but frankly, this habit of ‘forcing us to learn by ourselves’ has gone a long way to help us.

Apart from academics, some other important things POJOSS has planted in many of its students are DISCIPLINE and MORALITY. I have missed those days when we used to attend mass (Sundays to Saturdays), rosary prayers, adoration, stations of the cross during lent, fasting, revivals and many other spiritual programs. Pope John trains students to be gentlemen. You will hardly find a POJOBA who is not gentle. I thank God for making me a POJOBA. I will be forever grateful to God and POJOSS.

Before I move on to the throw backs, I have some records in POJOSS.

  1. I was the first person to be caned in my batch when we were in form one. Haha. This happened during prep time. I didn’t know the ‘tradition’ of the school. I didn’t know it is a ‘taboo’ to wear shots to prep. Unfortunately, I was in shorts, siting close to the door and worst of all sleeping. ‘Fara’ (snr. Housemaster) didn’t spare me.
  2. I was the first person to ‘sorr’ letter in my class (Science 4)

Throw backs

  • I slept on chop box for two terms. Funny right? This was one of the hustles. This hustle was during the ‘outbreak’ of bedbugs in POJOSS. Besides, my mattress was stolen. But there is more story into this matter that I wouldn’t want to share here (Haha. This is only reserved for my fellow Amos house boys. It’s a BROCODE something. If you know, you know)
  • Most of the Pope John ‘lamu’ (toilets) have girls’ school name. We have toilets (lamu) such as ‘Abugiss,’ Mehgiss and many more. I normally used the Abugiss toilet.
  • If today you see very beautiful lawns between the science and business blocks, thank the 2015 Amos boys. We did this work by carrying ‘shit’ from Mposo lamu to the science block. After, we planted grasses. These grasses have beautifully grown to beautify the school.
  • Pope John is a small school but there is always work to do as punishments. Some of us carried and mixed mortar for the school fountain to be made.
  • We ate chicken once in a year. We only eat chicken on anniversary days
  • We were always happy whenever there was jollof and egg. We normally ate egg once every month. So whenever we hear we will be eating egg, then boys will be “agrƐ” (rushing to dining).
  • We loved waakye too much. Students could leave class and go to the dining hall just because of waakye.
  • Have you heard of massacre before? ‘Hehe’ massacre ‘dey bii roff.’ If you want to know the real meaning of survival of the fittest, come to POJOSS when there is massacre going on in the dining hall.
  • Only seniors could share food in the dining hall. No matter the stature of a senior on your table, you dare not touch the ladle. Unless he gives you the permission. That has been the culture of the school.
  • It is only in PJ that you have to fear anybody holding the ladle. If you know, you know
  • For 2015 batch, science 4 was the best class. It is only in science four that after exams, you could be somewhere in the 20th position but if you take your scores to a different science class, you can be in the first 10 and if you take your scores to the arts class, you could even be 1st. Eei. Science 4 dey give pressure o.
  • In POJOSS, if the whole school misbehaves, there will be no breakfast for any student, the breakfast will be given to prisoners
  • I remember when Fr. Jerry made us fast on Good Friday during WASSCE 2015. I am sure this contributed in making POJOSS the best school in 2015

I am a proud 2015-year batch and I love POJOSS. A man who is not a POJOBA, is that one too a man? God is a POJOBA. I am a proud POJOBA


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