Importance reasons women put on waist beads

There are many reasons why women especially from Africa put on waiste beads and some of the reasons are explained below;

Sexual appeal

Most women are wearing beads cause men find them attractive and appealing with such items during love making. Most men are said to have found women wearing beads attractive and appealing. According to some, waist beads is a turn on for them.

Traditional practices

Most women wear waist beads for traditional purposes. In most African communities, it is believed that waist beads help to improve a woman’s curves. Therefore, ladies both young and old wear waist beads to enhance their curves and gave them a great shape.

Medication and Healing

Some women are said to wear waist beads to protect them from charm and also give them some healing. In some communities, waist beads are worn by pregnant women to help them heal stress, anxiety or even relax the nerves.


Some women wear waist beads to show love for their traditions and heritage.


In some communities, women are given waist beads to show their transformation from one stage of life to the other.

Some women actually go in for the beads to protect or charm me in order to be faithful and prevent him from seeing other women.

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