Criminals are made not Born.

Criminal acts are viewed differently across cultures and societies. What is considered a crime in one community or society might not be seen as a crime in another.

But the underlying principle or common thread in all situations considered to be criminal, the actions of the person or persons go contrary to the norms and belief system of the society. A criminal is literally any person who violates the law. This violation can be murder, theft, kidnapping, rape, cyber fraud etc.

Some psychologist and medical researchers have come up with theories that suggest that criminal behavior is hereditary just as heart disease and high cholesterol. This gives the suggestion that people are born with criminal traits in them right from infancy.

But this cannot possibly be true because is assertions suggest that a known criminal criminal will have children who are bound to be criminals. A person’s environment is what plays a major role in what they become. One’s environment includes school, home, workplace, close friends and peers.

People engage in crime not because they have it in their blood or genes but because of situations around them. Poverty is one major situation which pushes people to go into crime. A person who lives in a very “poor” community setting won’t be able to meet their basic needs. A child who is birthed and raised in these conditions is likely to go into crime not because they are born criminals but because they were born into an environment which could not support them, hence making them engage in crime for survival.

Using the Greater Accra region, the capital of Ghana,as a reference,a child who is born and raised in the streets of Accra is more likely to engage in crime because of the poor living conditions and social support systemin the streets than a child who is raised in an estate.

This is to say that, poverty,which is an environmental factor is one cause of criminal behavior. motother factors which leads to criminal behavior will be discussed in the next part of this debate. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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