Many contraceptives in modern world today have a lot of detrimental effect on our human body. Many partners and lovers therefore prefer to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but they turn to get the opposite, due to contraceptives failure. This unwanted effect can therefore be avoided through natural means without any contraceptive attachment. It primarily involves detecting the ovulation period and the menstual cycle of the female to avoid fertilization of the woman’s eggs. A perfect way therefore is to get in touch with a fertlization and ovulation expert to track your ovulation periods accordingly, in order to avoid pregnancy during sex.
Some natural ways of using tracked ovulation periods and menstrual cycle to avoid pregnancy during sex includes:

A. Developing the habit of having intercourse during your safe periods. Safe period is basically the period after menstruation. Scientifically, within the first 2 weeks after womans menstruation, there will be no ovum/egg in the womans fallopian tubes to be fertilized by an incoming male sperm. When woman have sex within these periods, she is at low risk of getting pregnant.
B. Develop the habit of adopting start-stop method during sexual

intercourse. The start-stop method of sexual intercourse refers to the care taken by the male partner not to ejaculate sperms into the females vagina during sexual intercourse. To do this, the male is advised to decopulate his penis immediately there is a sensation of ejection of sperms. This method involves care, since the initiation of the sperm for ejaculation is uncontrollable in some males.

C. Try to track your basal body temperatures. You basal body temperature is the temperature at your genitalia. Try to track your basal temperature immediately after menstruation. Once the temperature start to increase, then ovulation has begun. Having sex within this period will result in pregnancy, due to eggs in the oviduct/fallopian tubes.

D. Check out for vaginal discharge. woman’s vagina produces a transparent, jelly-like fluidic discharge in the few days leading to ovulation. Abstain from sexual intercourse during this period to avoid pregnancy.


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