Wasn’t Born A Girl 2- Short story

My father wants a female child because he carries a burden of something that happened so many years ago. A lot happened in my Father’s life and those things that happened to him is what turned him from Christianity to atheism. I never understood why Dad was obsessed about having a female child till i approached him one Saturday and he told me his story. I had never spoken to Dad on a one-on-one before but I did so this time because I needed to know why Dad was acting the way he did.

My Father’s Story

Father’s Perspective
My parents gave birth to two children. We lived as one happy family. Everything was okay, on weekdays my sister and I goes to school whereas mom and Dad goes to work. My sister was three(3) years old and I was twelve(12). On weekends my parents will either go with us to a tourist site or we’ll just play together at home.

All my friends were envious of me because most of them had issues with their families. Some were affected by broken homes and others always complained about how their parents were always fighting. Some of my friend’s parents were richer than mine but there was no peace in their home. My parents were middle income earners, one thing I learnt from my parents was “a peaceful home is better than riches” . Dad had a house and a car. Dad will drive us to school, drive mom to work, before he goes to work. One Thursday, there was a programme at Church so my parents went to Church after work. That day, I came home with Alberta after school because Dad told me he will be going to Church with mom, Alberta was the name of my sister. We waited for our parents till 1:00am but heard nothing from them. The programme was supposed to end at 8:00pm since it wasn’t an all-night programme but there was no information as to their whereabouts. I Didn’t have a phone because Dad had only promised to buy a phone for me if I excelled in my B.E.C.E(Basic Education Certificate Examination). B.E.C.E is an Exam conducted for students in the Junior High School who are ready to move to Senior High School in Ghana. I didn’t have a phone but there was one at home to be used by anyone at home(landline), so I used that to call Mom but she never picked, I called her severally and stopped after I was tired of dialling the number over and over, I did same with Dad and his was unreachable. I noticed there was a problem because mom never ignored any call from home no matter how busy she was, we couldn’t reach Dad too which was a reason to be worried. Alberta slept on the couch and refused to go to her room because she wanted to go to bed only after Mom and Dad had arrived. I also slept leaning my body to the couch waiting and expecting a call from either Mom or Dad. At 4:15am, the sound and vibration from the phone woke me up. Everything the stranger said didn’t make sense, all I heard was “Accident”!.

The stranger called using my mother’s phone. I couldn’t sleep again, all I did was cry, till it was 6:00am and Alberta woke up. The first statement she made was, questioning me whether mom and dad are back. I couldn’t tell her about the accident so I told her our Parents will come in a week’s time. I called the hospital where our Parents were admitted and asked for directions. When I got to the hospital, what the doctor told me left me speechless and broken. It was as though my body was separated from my spirit, my breathe seized and my heart stopped pumping! That’s the last thing I remember, the next thing I noticed was, I was on a hospital bed! Yes, I collapsed because the doctor told me my parent couldn’t make it! They died before they were brought to the hospital, meaning they died in the fatal accident. I didn’t come with Alberta because I didn’t want her to see Mom and Dad in the hospital since I told her they’ve travelled for a week and now I had to explain to her in some kind of language that we aren’t going to see our Parent again!

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