Parents should take note, this is one of the reasons male students fail their exams

Have you ever been worried about your child always stuck at the same grade, repeating it over and over again each year. This is the main reason why your child has been failing his examinations.

The way the female teachers dress to school is more often that not inappropriate for the kind of job they do, due to the manner of teenagers developing hormones it makes things hard for them. So hard they cannot concentrate in class.

Their teachers and invigilators spend their time taking pictures of themselves in class rather than giving important lessons.

Their handwriting is often than not unclear to the children and sometimes when they ask for some clarity they will get a beating for not focussing in class.

Nobody takes this seriously but it does happen in most schools.

Most male students have their own thoughts about these kind of teachers, they often forget the reason they are in school in the first place so that makes them lose focus and end up playing around.

Or the teachers themselves befriend these young children and they end up doing what ever their heart desires to do in class instead of learning and studying.

Well now that you know why your child is always repeating grades you need to advice your children not to get distracted by things like this.

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