Kennedy Agyapong reveals he can spend $100,000 on a beautiful lady just to reduce stress

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong is in the news trending but this time he is not fighting anyone. He is trending because of something he said in a recent interview on Asase Radio. 

He said he can spend as much as $100,000 per night on a girl who is able to reduce his stress and added that his wife has even understood and allowed him because she knows he is a bad boy so he can have as many baby mamas and baby girlfriends as he wants. 

Kennedy Agyapong says women like money so if you have money and you can cater for all of them, that’s not their problem, so his wife does not stress him because he has money¬†and has already understood that he is a bad boy so he has many girlfriends.

He added that when he was young, the girls didn’t like him but now he is rich so they like him. He said there is no hundred percent love anywhere; half love, half money so if you pretend to love him and is not real love, he doesn’t really care about that.

He said that time you’re reducing his pressure for him, even if he is giving you $100,000 he doesn’t care because you’re reducing his pressure and he doesn’t even need to talk and get girls because the money can command.

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