Hot Leaked Episode 1 Cont.

So in the previous section of the episode 1. Maame the iPhone freak has call an online phone shop to buy phone and her call was answered by Derrick the guy with load.

The Conversation continues….

Maame : I said call me maame la! I hate it when guys call me madam. I’m young ooh.

Derrick : is that so? Hahahaha okk so how old are you?

Maame : like duh you know is not polite to ask a lady her age right?

Derrick : oh I’m sorry, that was not gentlemanly. Anyway are you still interested in buying the phone?

Maame : Yeah I am . But why are you changing the topic.

Derrick : oh but I thought you called to buy a phone.

Maame : Yes until you said my name reminds you of someone. Like maame people de333 we are bad girls.

Derrick : But you are bad girls….

Maame : please,please please some…. What happened between you and your maame?

Derrick : hmmmm(laughs) I think we should stick to the iPhone

Maame : You are the secretive type errh. Guys by name derrick are dangerous, they sound smooth on the phone they are handsome,next thing you know they are in your pants.

Derrick : hahahaha,really? You sound like you have some experience. Ok so I’m asking did a derrick get into your pants?

Maame : Even before I answer, is this number on WhatsApp?

Derrick: No answer me, did any derrick get into your pants?

Maame : Ah why do you want to know? I’m asking is this number on WhatsApp?

Derrick : Yeah but I’ll prefer you whatsapp me on my personal line.

Maame : Okay give me the number.

Derrick : 0544482475. Have you got it

Maame: Yeah I have it. I’m sending you a hi now…. Have you seen it?

Derrick: yeah! I just saw it…. ei! Is that you in the dp?

Maame : hellurr, Ad3n ka woo expecti something different anaaa?

Derrick : (laughs) oh the picture is pretty oooo. And you have body ooh.

Maame : Excuse me, it’s the lady in the picture that is pretty and the body the guys die for. Yeah I know I have hips.

Derrick : Eiii Madam take your time errh.

Maame : Aaaaah! Did you just call me madam again?

Derrick : oh I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Maame: Your Maame must have gotten into your pants errh.

Maame : Anyone who gets into my pants, will always come for more.

Derrick: oh really? What there aaaaah that makes them come back again?

Maame : find out for yourself

Derrick : oo ohhh, maybe I should

Maame : send me a picture of you I can’t see your dp.

Derrick: Yeah I don’t display my picture there. I’m not handsome like that .

Maame : you send it lat me be the judge

Derrick : (sends a picture )

Maame: Eiiiii is that you? Dude you be fresh boy ooh. You are not handsome mpo nie. Fresh boy standing by a fresh range rover.

Derrick : Oh please, ahaaaa. …

Maame: or the range rover is not for you.

Derrick : oh that is my car

Maame : Eiiiii I’m zooming into something, into something oooh (laughs). You are loaded.

Derrick : (laughs) I told you maame girls are bad.

Maame : for this freshness de33 why won’t I be bad? I’m getting wet.

Derrick : oh wow, you’re such a tease.

Maame : Anyway I have my a class now, I have to get ready. You have my number so call me.

Derrick : I will. What about the phone do you still want it?

Maame : I will do anything for it baby.

Derrick : I see, hmmmm will call you then. byeee….

End of Episode 1

Episode 2 drops on Monday 30th November, 2020.

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