He is winning the elections one touch – University of Ghana final polls outcome

The political science department of the University of Ghana releases its final poll results of the December 7th general elections

Less than 2 weeks to Ghana’s general elections, everything seems calm as everyone is preparing to cast their vote coming December 7th.

As the election day gets close predictions are emerging from different polls and also supposed men of God. Yesterday news broke out that Ben Ephson had predicted a 52.67% win for the ruling New Patriotic Party. The NDC didn’t take it lightly with this result.

Today Thursday November 26, 2020 the University of Ghana has also presented its much awaited polls. The results according to the Political Science Department was to be presented earlier but was delayed after the death of Jerry Rawlings.

The findings of the polls conducted by the Political Science Department of the University has it that President Nana Akufo-Addo will win the upcoming election by 51.7% with John Mahama placing second with 40.4. Christian Andrews came third with1.4% with the other political parties getting less than 1%.

The research spanned 100 constituencies purposively selected across all 16 regions. with 11,949 respondents out of a targeted 12,000 in a random sampling manner.

This poll results are expected to draw more controversy as it becomes the third of results from recognized institutions whose results spell doom for John Mahama.

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