SHOCKING: Ghanaian lady captured in video vomiting money after returning from ‘sakawa’ boyfriend

– A lady in Ghana whose name is withheld has been captured in a video vomiting money

– It is said that she developed the ‘condition’ after returning from her boyfriend who is alleged to be a ‘sakawa’ boy- She visibly looked so uncomfortable in the video to the extent of removing her clothes in order to feel better.

A video fast going viral on social media shows a Ghanaian lady throwing up money after reportedly returning from her boyfriend who is alleged to be into ‘sakawa’.

The video that was sighted by on the official Instagram handle of Celebritiesbuzz_gh shows that the lady was in great discomfort as the money kept exuding from her belly.

She was screaming and wailing, seeking for the extreme unrest she was experience

Watch the video below:

The lady whose name is not disclosed was so restless to the point that she started taking off all her attires in the bid to get herself calmed a little.

Another lady who recorded the footage was heard asking about which exact ‘game boy’ the lady had gone to and what he did to her.

It appeared that the girl vomiting the money wanted to respond but she was visibly in too much pain to be able to compose herself and say anything sensible.

It should be said, however, that as real as the video appears, it is still possible that the lady was acting the entire show.


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