Post Colonial Syndrome?

So far, it is safe to say that every Ruling administration in Nigeria till date be it civilian, military or a pseudo dictatorship as is being witnessed today has served no other but its own interests at the expense of the people. While some come short of their hard earned possessions, others pay the ultimate price with their life whenever the overlords in power come asking. Why do you think this is? why has it been so difficult over the years to get things right to ensure that basic entitlements such as Security, Healthcare, Education, and other Infrastructures are readily accessible to an average Nigerian?

Let’s go back in time for a minute. Some are of the opinion that “Independence” from our “Masters” came at a time when the former colony was primed for self attainable greatness while others argue that it came too early during a period when ethnic entities within the colony were unable to fully grasp the idea of setting all discords and individual agendas aside to take on the herculean task of Nation building. (57 years on, the last part remains true).


Albeit the question remains, with the utter incompetence and gross mismanagement of national wealth that the ruling class have potrayed since the onset of self-rule, would there ever have been a perfect time for transition to self rule? If the British had denied the ‘heroes’ of 1960 independence and held on to it until a later time in history will Nigeria be better off today ?.

Would that single act have corrected the evident flaw in character and the inherent nature of Greed, Nepotism, Ethnicity, Corruption and Tribalism that continues to plague Nigeria today ? Is it safe to say that the British expected it to go down like this? Did they expect Nigeria to go down the route of self-destruction the minute we took “control” and decided to be in charge of our resources? Could they tell? Could this post Colonial Syndrome be our fate until the end of time?

I guess we’ll never know the answers to these questions. Or maybe we do.

One thought on “Post Colonial Syndrome?

  1. Well a lot has been said, and there’s still a lot more to be said. But the only way Nigeria can actually fulfill the great potential it had pre independence is in the doing. There’s a need to put in conscious efforts to undo a lot of the misdeeds that has led the country to the situation it has found itself. I really have a lot to say, but I lose strength when I remember that the power to do and undo things for the greater good of Nigeria lies in the hands of people who are not ready for things to change and will readily go to any lengths to oppress and suppress whoever or whatever is trying to call for and push for a real change. Hope still dy for naija, but the margins are getting slimmer by the day✌

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