International Elimination of Violence Against Women Day – November 25

Women are among the most people abused in society even in this 21st century. It has been noted over the years that women and young ladies/girls across the globe report more cases of crime of which they fell victims. For the undying demand for equity among all gender groups, it has therefore triggered a lot of campaigns to educate and inform people on the need to eliminate all acts that depict violence against women. These campaigns include but not limited to the ones organized by UN Women, National Organization for Women, United Nations, Women for Women International, etc. Among these activist organization are non-profit set up organizations of which one very young but budding one is established right here in Ghana extends it’s wings to several countries across the world. This organization is one that is just two years old but has made enormous contributions towards curbing violence against women. A group of creatives who are passionate and poised for drastic changes in the current happenings in women’s life, The Writers & Readers Network (The WRN). Below, I share a personal poem I wrote towards contributions towards this course by the Writers and Readers Network.

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I hope you enjoy your read when you do. These are our mothers, these are our wives, these are our aunties, these are our nieces, and these could be our sisters. Let’s protect and hold them in high esteem. Let’s stop violence against women. I believe together, we can.

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