Stoneboy blasts Sarkodie. He says they are cool but not friends because Sarkodie is a hypocrite

There is this video of Stoneboy calling Sarkodie a hypocrite. He says Sarkodie is a liar. He said this in an interview in joy FM with George Quaye. According to him, many things used to happen in 2019 but he used to keep it a secret and doesn’t really expose it so people saw him to be bad but in the end, the truth will be revealed and they will know that he is good.

In the interview, he talked of the whole incident in Sarkodie’s concert where we were told Stoneboy beat Sarkodie’s manager, Angel and punched his eyes.

Now Stoneboy has actually spelled out his true feelings and has really blasted Sarkodie. Stoneboy is so emotional. He said they are helping each other and now here comes trouble.

Stoneboy says Sarkodie is no angel so he should stop painting a picture that he is an angel. He said he came to show him love and not to fight him so he doesn’t know why they are trying to talk against him. He said he is a cool guy and he is not someone who causes trouble.  This is Stonboy and Sarkodie for us.

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