2020/2021 GES promoting Exams-what you need to know – Check Details

2020/2021 GES promoting Exams-what you need to know – Check Details

2020/2021 GES advertising Exams-what you did no longer apprehend – Check Details

The advertising mind-set examination is seventy-five questions and candidates are to use honestly an hour to reply all. It is the intention to take a seem at devices with choice 4 then pick out the proper answer.

After you have utilized on-line correctly and given your examination center and code, the subsequent trouble is to put collectively to write. After you have successfully written your exams, what is next?

If you correctly write and pass the GES advertising and marketing aptitude exams then you will get admission to your merchandising letter or congratulatory message online.

Individuals will then have to buy a voucher of 10 cedis for the use of your momo broad range and your vigorous electronic mail address. A code will be despatched to your electronic mail account.

Candidates who have surpassed will be given a congratulatory message or a transient marketing letter with the signature of the chairman of the National Teaching Council (NTC) on it.

After you have gotten your merchandising letter, the following year they will robotically put you on a scale with arrears starting from January to the month you had been or are located on the scale.

When you are located on the scale you will commence taking part in your money then again do now now not forget to ship your online advertising and marketing letter, current payslip to your IPPD coordinator to be forwarded to the regional coaching administrative center and then to the headquarters.

Confirmation of your advertising and marketing is very quintessential due to the reality if you refuse to be hooked up you would possibly additionally be audited and it may have an impact on you so when they favor it

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