Quizzes are put across to test the knowledge of one on a particular topic or subject. Just like how academics have their quizzes, football also has its quizzes. Try your hands on these 20 questions on football. A+ for a score of 15-20, A for 13-15, B for 8-12, C for 5-8 and FAIL for 0-4. HAVE FUN!!!


  • Who scored the goal that led to the introduction of the goal line technology?
  • Who assisted the final goal of the international tournament which Lionel Messi was voted the best player and Neuer, the best goalkeeper?
  • What is the full meaning of xG?
  • Which English manager has won the English Premier League?
  • Who scored the famous ghost goal against Chelsea in the UCL semi final 2005?


  • What was the occupation of the father of the footballer with the 3rd most assists in the UCL history?
  • Which country eliminated the country which their player missed a crucial penalty in the 2016 Champions League semi finals from the Euros 2012?
  • Who holds the record of most hat tricks in a single EPL Calendar year?
  • Who holds the record for the most penalties saved in the 21st century?
  • In which year/years did Lionel Messi score in 21 consecutive league games?


  • How did Jurgen Klinsmann celebrate his first goal for Tottenham?
  • Which career did Arjan de Zeeuw switch to after ending his footballing career?
  • Which team got eliminated in the 2018 World Cup by the rule of fair play?
  • Who is the only footballer to ever net in 6 different senior club competitions?
  • Who was named Sheffield United Young Player of the Year in 2011/12?


  • Which country eliminated the country which the 4th best player in the world according to France Football hails from in the 2002 World Cup?
  • Who was the first player to score a hat trick for Arsenal in the PL?
  • Who was England’s top assister in the 2019 Women’s World Cup?
  • Who wore the No.11 for Manchester City in the season when Aguero netted at the last second to win City the league on goal difference?
  • Which country does the Manchester United ex striker who scored at the Emirates for three different teams hail from?


  • Frank Lampard
  • Andre Schrulle
  • Expected Goals
  • Nobody
  • Luis Garcia
  • Rugby
  • Italy
  • Harry Kane
  • Samir Handanovic
  • Through 2012 and 2013
  • Exaggerated dive
  • Detective
  • Senegal
  • Pedro Rodriguez
  • Harry bMaguire
  • Senegal
  • Kevin Campbell
  • Beth Mead
  • Adam Johnson
  • Bulgaria

You can provide your final score in the comment section and any objections as well.

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