Stop shedding crocodile tears: Nana Konadu’s NDP tells Mahama and the NDC

The National Democratic Party on Monday, 23rd November, 2020 forewarned the NDC against what it professes to be the crying of fake tears over the end of previous President Rawlings.

As indicated by the General Secretary of the NDP, when Jerry John Rawlings was alive, John Mahama and the NDC affronted him and urgently needed to quietness him. Also, since he is no more, they need to use his passing to excite uphold for their faltering political mission in front of the 2020 general races.

He stated, “We are disturbed that a portion of these equivalent people, upon the destruction of President Rawlings, presently look to lead in grieving the man; they have started to cry fake tears. They burned through large number of dollars to support recordings made in Washington DC by one Kelvin Taylor, who is tipped to be data Minister in case of a Mahama rebound, to affront President Rawlings in words, some of which we dare not rehash, and posted them everywhere on the world through Facebook, WhatsApp, and other online media stages.

Mr. Frimpong additionally blamed Mahama and the NDC for embracing the wrongdoings of Kevin Taylor against Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Rawlings. He contended, “With the clear support of John Mahama and the NDC administration, Kelvin Taylor stated, and I quote, “Rawlings is an advanced Judas and a fraud. He and his unpleasant spouse are voracious. He acts as a lapdog to the NPP government and consistently kisses the ass of Nana Akufo-Addo whenever he gets the occasion to talk about debasement.” He likewise proceeded to state and I quote, “JJ Rawlings isn’t God, he is terrible Nationals and an advanced Judas… and such a man doesn’t have the right to be a Statesman.” “JJ Rawlings is a quitter… [you are] a faker and a disfavor on the lap of a diminutive person”.”

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