There are a lot of different communication people you can meet depend on the nature of your partner. We will look at the most common of these Communication people and how you can handle them

The Communication Styles of People

1. Silent

2. Talkertive

3. Suspicious

4. Joker


6. Referencer 

7. Third party lover

8. Proud

9. Abuser

10. Specialist 

Where do you belong? 

Where does your partner belong?

 Communication Style is very important in every form of relationship, not only in dating, Courtship and Marriage, but also in friendship, family, business, service provision, social associations and all human relationships.

 It is very good that as a human being you know your communication style before you start dealing with others.

A lot of people will ask, how do I know my communication style?

 The best way to know your Communication Style is to pay attention to the criticism of your communications by a lot of people.

For example, if you have more than three people from different backgrounds telling you that you talk too much, then you should know you are a Talkertive.

If you hear from others that you are too known, then it means your communication style is Prideful (Proud).

 It you get others telling you that you are too quiet, then you are the silent type.

If you get them telling you that you are always playing with everything, then your style is a Joker etc etc

 But if you are on this page you are blessed because when we begin taken the Communication Styles one after the other, you will by all means know where you belong and where your partner or other people you meet belong

This is a lesson you might not get in books or from a seminar. But you are getting it for free here. Value it and cherish it. 

Great things that come free of charge are not usually regarded or respected. But cherish this and help the work to go on


There are people who are very silent in their mode of communication… They hardly talk, they give simple and straight forward answers, and difficult to have a. Long conversation with them. They prefer to keep quiet rather than to engage in any kind of conversation

 This style is usually born out of the Melancholic temperament where people are introverts and love to be alone more often.

It is very difficult to start and maintain a conversation with such people because of their nature.. But they are people who can still love deeply and faithfully

 Dealing with such a communication style can be very frustrating and boring especially if you are the talking and extrovert type. But there are a few things you can do to help yourself when you are in a relationship with such a person

 Watch out for their “talking triggers”.

No matter how quiet a person is there are certain topics and environments that triggers their speaking confidence. As you are with them take note of such triggers and create that atmosphere for them often.

Some of them start talking when watching an interesting movie, some enjoy talking when their favorite food is ready, some begin to talk when they feel that their opinion is needed for a major decision.

So observe and apply their best talking scenarios

 Grow to be their “confidant”.

Even though people with ‘silent’ communication style do not like to talk often, yet there are some people around which they open up and talk and talk and talk. These are people they feel very comfortable with. If you can develop yourself into their confidant, you will be able to have normal wonderful conversation with them that others cannot get.

 Adjust by focusing on the positives of the “silence”

There is also a good side to a “silent” partner because there is always some good in every weakness.

If you focus on the positives and to adjust to the negatives, you will overcome the challenge.. This is how come a Talkertive and a Silent person can be married for a long time and people wonder how two contrasting characters can be enjoying their union.

It’s a matter of focusing on the positives and adjusting to the negatives.

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