This Is The Fastest Developing Town (Suburb) in Ghana? (Check Out).

The fastest growing Suburb and why it is fast growing.

KASOA is a peri-urban area, formerly and or traditonal known as Odukponghene is an AWUTU TRADITIONAL AREA.

Kasoa of Central Region & Amanfro of Greater Accra region, two suburbs that meet at the Greater Accra – Central Regional boundary are fast growing together as lot of people from the big city of Accra and relocate to Kasoa & Amanfro.

Surprisingly, Kasoa do not have any big Government Secondary, Teaching College, Nursing College, University, Stadium, Technical University, Hospital, etc.

The Birth of “Kasoa” began with its Market, and the Marketing Activities, Kasoa has become an Trading hub (commercial area) and a residential area for many.

Kasoa roads links together Cities and Towns such as Accra (to the East) , Cape Coast (to the West), Nyanyano (to the South) , Swedru (North West), Amasaman ( to the North).

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