I pierce to express how I feel- Wendy Shay

Ghanaian female singer of Rufftown Records, Wendy Shay, born Wendy Addo, has given her reasons for the piercings she has on some part of her body.

Wendy Shay had some backlash from some Ghanaians after she pierced her body because to them she was going overboard with it.

Popular presenter Delay also commented about it asking whether she is under some pressure.

The singer stated her reasons for her piercing and that she does not do it for the fun of it.

According to her, she did it to express herself well and also to represent what she feels within, adding that it makes her look fierce.

“I have to express what i feel within, I want what is in me to show and it also express how fierce I am,” she said.

She added that she believes that as a person you have to grow but it has to be in a positive way.


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