Hot Leaked Episode 1.

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Hi my name is Maame if you are reading this article,I am a level 300 student in the university and 2 months pregnant. Worse of all, I am not sure who the father-to-be is (Laughs). I’m not telling you the name of my school, just like a girls age we don’t spill.

What you are about to read is the story of my life on campus, if you manage to read my entire story, you may be quick to judge me. But yeah I know, most of you will be haters as we go along,but you will grow to love me as time goes on.

So I am the diva on campus. All the boys want to have a piece of me. That can be an advantage however that can also be a huge disadvantage. Anyway it’s amazing how one phone call changed my entire life in school. One harmless call. Ladies if you are reading, it’s not bad to stay current right. The new shoes, the expensive hair and even the top range mobile phone.Hmmmm look, I am an iPhone freak, hell yeah.

So one day after lectures, I searched for a mobile phone shop online and decided to call their number. This ladies and gentlemen, is and was the beginning of drama, suspense, action, deceit, back stabbed, haters, sex and most of all, LOVE….

So I called the phone shop….(dails number )(picks call)

Maame: Hello

Derrick : Hi good morning

Maame: Yes good morning are you Derrick?

Derrick: Yeah, this is derrick.

Maame: please are you the one who sells the phone?

Derrick: Yeah,Yeah I am the one.

Maame: oh okay pls I hope I am not bothering you ooh.

Derrick: Eeeeeermm, I was in the middle of something okay, but you can talk I am listening.

Maame: Oh sorry please do you have iPhone 11 pro?

Derrick: yeah,yeah I have some

Maame: How much do you sell it?

Derrick : which one do you want? I’ve got 64gig, 125gig and I think the 5 12 gig is finished.

Maame: oh I am not even looking for that one. How much is the 64gig?

Maame: eeeeeei, hmmmm is expensive ooh!(line drops)…….(dails number again )

Derrick: hello madam…hellooo

Maame: hi derrick, I can hear you the line dropped.

Derrick : I am so sorry madam

Maame: (cuts in ) oh you can call me maame

Derrick : oooookkaay, Maame hmmmm

Maame : Eiiiii, why hmmmm you don’t like my name? Or u don’t want me to buy the phone again?

Derrick : Oh no not that that! Your name reminds me of a friend of mine.

Maame: Eiiiii, saaa which friend is that?

Derrick : oh nothing is not important.

Maame: oh tell me or it is because you don’t know me,that’s why you don’t want to tell me?

Derrick: (laughs) oh its not so.

Maame: I said call me maame la, I hate when guys call me madam. I’m young ooh…


Hold your suspense and wait till the continuation of the episode 1 which will drop on Wednesday 25, November 2020.

Follow my posts for subsequent episodes the story has just begun. ..

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