FRENCH have started burning the HOLY QUR’AN! :Check the pictures

Indeed burning the GREATEST BOOK(HOLY QUR’AN) would only escalate their misery. How ignorant are they to burn the QUR’AN? The enemies of Islam have started to irritate us. Have we lost our voice? What can we do to averse it? They have suddenly forgotten we have it commit to memory and our kids are learning it day in and day out.

Islam has been a torn in the flesh of the enemies and will only continue to embrace a lot of followers in those countries who despises Islam. We pray for the guidance of ALLAH on these damsels and to pardon them but increases muslims populations in those nations. Their ignorant leader thought he could use his “inside deceptions” to distort the image of Islam, how poor is that kind of reasoning.

We pray that Allah should guide whoever that is responsible for the to Islam. AMEEN

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