8 Simple Naturals Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins.

It is the dream of many to have beautiful identical twins. These are the 8 simplest method to be pregnant with twins.

1. GAIN WEIGHT – Research has shown that gaining weight may boost your chances of having twins. Women with a BMI of over 30 have higher chances of having twins. Taller women also have a higher possibility of conceiving twins than shorter females.

2. TRY TO GET PREGNANT SOON AFTER YOU TERMINATE YOUR BIRTH CONTROL – The most common method of conceiving twin girls is to trying to get pregnant soon after ceasing your birth control. The best time to try for multiple births is the first cycle or two after discontinuing the birth control method you are using.

3. TAKE A FOLIC ACID SUPPLEMENT EVERY DAY – This will induce pregnancy and keep your baby healthy. Read more about folic acid here.

4. WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE IN YOUR MID-30’S – If you are not in a rush to have children, you can wait until you’re in your mid-30’s before you try conceiving. As mentioned, older women have higher chances of having twins. Your chances are also higher if you have many kids. The more children you have, the more likely you’ll experience a double pregnancy.

5. EAT DAIRY PRODUCTS MORE THAN 5 TIMES A DAY – Another way on how to get pregnant with twin girls is to eat dairy products more than 5 times a day. The hormones in cow’s milk affect your chances of having twins.

6. ADD WILD YAMS TO YOUR DIET – The chemicals in the skin of wild yams help increase fertility and conception.

7. CHECK THE TRAITS OF FEMALE SPERMS – Females sperms can live for 72 hours and are passive swimmers and heavier than male sperms which can live only for 24 hours and swim faster. Sexual union should be planned 2 to 3 days before ovulation. The female sperms will wait for the egg to mature and fertilize it. The male sperms would have died within this period.

8. CONSUME ACIDIC FOOD BEFORE THE OVULATION – Female sperms live longer in an acidic environment. Eating acidic food before ovulation can help your body become acidic and improve the lifespan of female sperms, increasing your chances of having twin girls.

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