Medikal and His Sugar Mummy Sister Derby, The True Reason Behind Their Break Up.

The ex-lovers infamously broke up after dating for a period around 3 years. ” Omo Ada ” rapper dating actress Fella Makafui whom reports say he was secretly dating.

Actress, Model and singer, sister Derby has detailed why she broke up with Medikal. Sister Derby has disclosed that Fella Makafui was the reason for her break up with Medikal. She said

I didn’t want to be a double fool, I was already a fool. Do you understand! So I just kept my distance. The issue was the girl, but you can’t totally blame her. He ( Medikal ) was definitely part of it”. ” I have been suspecting for a long time and then I got tired of it. It was so clear and I felt disrespected “.

” Omo Ada ” rapper also said that “ I never cheated on her. They were just rumours and sometimes when you listen to people too much that’s what happens. It’s not something I would like to address. I am not a cheater “

There are other reports Medikal finally woke up and realized the age gab between him and Derby is just too much ( sister Derby is 8 years older than Medikal ).

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