Joe Biden Sends Powerful Message To All Gays and Lesbians Across The World

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Joe Biden, the victor of the 2020 U.S. Official Election, sent a ground-breaking message to every transsexual individual (Gays and Lesbians) in America and the world all in all. 

Subsequent to being confirmed as President of the United States, Joe Biden has pledged to help and battle for the security and pride of gays and lesbians around the globe. 

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He composed, as indicated by his terms, 

“In any event 37 transsexual and sexual orientation nonconforming individuals have been murdered for the current year, a large portion of them Black and Brown transsexual ladies. It’s unbearable. This Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor their lives – and commit once again to the work that stays to the furthest limit of this plague of viciousness. 

“To transsexual and sexual orientation nonconforming individuals across America and around the globe : from the second I am confirmed as president realize that my organization will see you, hear you out, and battle for your security as well as the poise and equity you have been denied,” he tweeted. 

All around we should sit back and watch what will happen when he is confirmed as President of America in January 2021. How about we simply note that numerous things will change in America if Biden is confirmed as President. 

What’s your opinion on the transsexual recognition day? 

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