A Must Read: 10 Commandments of Social Media Posting.

Angie is 25 and a social media junkie.

If you’re to ask me where she lives, I’d say “facebook.com/ahngie”. She lives online. Every facet of her life has a footprint online and it’s uncensored. So much information about her life. It’s terrifying to see the deluge of seemingly insignificant stuff she has posted online.

A couple of decades ago, no one walked around with sticky notes to update the world of their feelings every hour. It is ridiculous to even ponder. However, it’s not the same today. With the availability of various social media and the transition to virtual, people carelessly post all sorts of information.

Sharing information with loved ones is not wrong but how much information is too much information. With liberty comes the caution to decide what should and shouldn’t. Oversharing has caused the loss of jobs, relationships, and life of some people. Don’t be a victim. Here is the countdown of the 10 commandments of social media posting.

10. Thou shall not excessively talk about your talents.

Talent is not enough and talking about it doesn’t make it any better. I get it. You’re the most talented dancer and he’s the best programmer. Big deal. I don’t understand what people gain by talking about their talent. It’s mind-boggling. Why don’t you just do it?

Action speaks louder. And obviously, if you want to talk about your talents, why don’t you just show it. That’s the only way you’re going to get noticed if that’s your impetus for the excessive talk. No amount of repost of your talents is going to get you noticed. Just do it.

9. Thou shall not share other people’s secrets.

You were confided for a reason if it was not mistaken. Sharing confidential information anonymously is not even acceptable. We have the ethical obligation to keep each other’s secret except in life-threatening situations where the dissemination of such information is imperative.

There’s no point in ending your relationship or losing your job over a single post. And no, I’m not referring to celebrity feud. That’s in a different category. Cherish relationships by keeping sensitive, confidential information. Snitches get stitches and I’d hate to see you spill the bean when you could have prevented it.

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8. Thou shall not post resentments from the past

It’s unhealthy. Besides that? It’s still unhealthy for you. You were mistreated in the past. That’s unfortunate. You’re better off without the dead weight of the past chained to your ankle. Are you a theist? Go to Him all who are heavily burdened and He’ll give you rest. Are you an atheist? It’s not worth it, just let go and enjoy the present.

Express yourself in the present. There’s so much to be grateful for. Wipe the honey from your eyes and see life what it truly is. Posting about who wronged you only gives them more attention. No amount of besmirch can heal you. Just let go and live in the moment.

7. Thou shall not share your fears.

Face Everything And Rise. How are you going to do that if you’re always stating the worse? We all have our fear but what do you gain by avowing yours? More fears? More insecurities? More negativity? Definitely. I don’t know why anyone would want more of this trio.

Face Everything And Run. I honestly don’t think the remedy for dealing with fear is by sharing it on social media. Soliciting sympathy by playing the victim is not cool. You fears and weakness are never for public consumption.

6. Thou shall not share your biggest aspirations and dreams.

You are excited about your new promotion. Congratulations. Don’t go posting “Soon to be the CEO”. You’re probably thinking why not and many are saying I’m probably superstitious. Yes, I’m African but not superstitious. Declaring your goals and dreams on social media do not hasten their accomplishments. They only become subject to criticism and varied opinions. These opinions are relative and you’ll be easily swayed.

Sharing your aspirations online inflates your ego and usually deprives you of the motivation you need to accomplish your goals. Stay quiet and work hard. You’d go farther than most that way.

5. Thou shall not share your personal life.

Don’t be like Angie. Know how much is too much. As much as possible censor the information you release to social media. Your personal life is your private business. Sharing your personal life makes you susceptible to judgment and chastisement. Your bad habits, believes and values and what you choose to do at 1 am are yours alone to know.

You wouldn’t want your world crumbling down because you shared information with the wrong people. Practice some netiquettes. Know how much is too much and you’ll be worthy of greater respect.

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4. Thou shall keep your life philosophies to yourself.

Life is everything but easy. We all have different ways of dealing with life’s problems. Some healthy, some not so much. Nevertheless, we’re not obligated to share our method. Selfish? No way. When you’re asked to share? Why not. And if your philosophies are effective, a lot of people would be using them.

There’s no point trying to persuade others of your philosophy. Being dogmatic about your beliefs is not appropriate. Know your place and be open-minded.

3. Thou shall not share family issues.

So your dad and aunt never get along. So your grandma opposed your cousin’s preference of a wife and now they don’t speak anymore. It could be that your dad’s best friend’s mistress is pregnant. No matter how juicy the gossip or tempting the problem, it’s not worth sharing on social media.

Every family has drama and sharing them with others only makes them complicated. Sharing family issues devalues you and makes others disrespect you. What happens in the home should stay in the home.

2. Let your wealth be seen in your deeds.

If you’re fortunate to be blessed with riches, don’t go about bragging online. For most, it took hard work to obtain their wealth. It would take even to work harder to be quiet about it. Your net worth says little about who you are. It’s your deeds that count.

Being fortunate allows you the opportunity to impact the lives of others. True wealth is not interconnected with noise. In the end, no one cares about how much you make. So if you’ve been blessed with wealth, kindly keep the statistic to yourself and touch a life. Your wealth would last longer that way.

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1. And when you do good…

Testimonials are offered by clients for good reasons. It’s uncouth and disrespectful to publicize an act of kindness simply because you think you can. What is meant to be a secret should remain a secret. Why do a good deed and brag about it? Does it even count?

People who know your demeanor do not need explanations online about the recipients of your deeds. Try not to boast about your acts of kindness. Be humble and you would be revered even more.


Social media is a fun place to interact with others. It’s advantageous in many ways. However, it takes a great deal of caution to maintain one’s presence online. Don’t jeopardize your reputation or worse. Let the commandments be your guide.

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