NPP People are wicked. Mahama is a good person-Odifour Kwabena Tawia

Odifour Kwabena Tawia says Akuffo Addo has given him work to do but he has not given him even a pesewa. He said if it were John Mahama, he would have given him money but Nana Addo never did that.

He said no one has even called him to ask how he is doing and added that the work he did for NPP, if he had done it for John Mahama, he wouldn’t have made him go hungry.
He added that, ‘why is a that the president has called him to work for him and after that, he hasn’t even called him to ask about how he is doing. He said the president doesn’t pick up whenever he calls him too. There is someone is in the president’s house called Nana Isaac. He too he has called him several times but he doesn’t pick up.

He continued that Nana Addo will die and the opposition will win the elections. He said the NPPs went to bind Nana Addo after he was elected before the NDCs did and he went to loosen him but is still left with the death so Nana will surely die because he is no more helping Nana Addo so the NPPs should stand up and do something.

He said he has lost 40billion for the ritual but Nana Addo has never given him even a pesewa and he has cursed anyone who will insult him. This is Ghana news for you.

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