She’s crazy.

Definite Signs She’s Crazy In Love With You

⛱She Can’t Keep Her Hands Off You

⛱She Gives You All Of Her Attention

⛱She Remembers Everything About You

⛱Her Body Language

⛱She Compliments You

⛱Her Face Says It All

⛱She Always Wants To Know More About You

⛱She Makes Time For You

⛱She Does Cute Things For You

⛱She Wants To Get To Know Your Friends

⛱She Loves Hanging With Your Family

⛱She Can Get A Little Jealous

⛱She Wants You To Be Friends With Her Friends

⛱She Loves When You Spend Time With Her Family

⛱She Calls And Texts Just To Say Hi

⛱She Can’t Stop Checking You Out

⛱She Tells You She Loves You

⛱She Tells Her Friends Everything About you

⛱She Understands Your Sense Of Humor

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