Hugs & Their meanings.

💕The tight hug
Means Love You So much & Real

💕The side hug
This hug is the most relaxed one. It is also called the buddy hug. This is how close friends hug each other.

💕The bear hug
means wrapping your arms around another person.In that way,you are showing them that you want to protect them.

💕The long hug
This is the hug people give you when they want to tell you that they miss you and that they feel protected in your arms.

💕The back hug
People often feel comfortable when they get a back hug.It makes you feel so good to be hugged,even if you don’t actually see the person that is hugging you.

💕The straddle hug
This is the characteristic hug for people in love.It is very intimate,done in private,and a sign of sexual tension.

💕The London Bridge hug
If someone hugs you in this way,you should know that they don’t love you so much and that they don’t want to form any deeper bond with you.

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