How To Get 500mb For 70 Pesewas on MTN

Hello guys I found a new trick that I’ve been using for my daily exercises I’ve been performing on the web. To spill the beans, we will perceive how we can buy 500mb of information with only 70 pesewas.

This may sound inconceivable however trust me it works impeccably and I’ve been utilizing for about a month now, so I chose to share it to the globe since I realize we are in tough situations and everyone needs assistance.

How the trick works.
Did you know you get a free 50mb worth of data anytime you do a mashup of any amount?
So we will purchase mashup of just 0.07 (least amount) pesewas and repeat that 10x which will give us 500mb in total then we use an app called “ec tunel vpn” then we will use it to browse the internet for free

Things required

  • Android phone

*MTN sim card with amount of at least 70 pesewas

*EC Tunnel vpn (accessible on playstore)

Steps to follow

You first of all dail *567# which is the code for mashup

  1. At that point pick option one which is mashup for self
  2. Now in the following dropdown menu pick 1 which is Ghc1
  3. Another dropdown box will show up then u pick 2 which is enter referred amout
  4. presently this is the place where you should open your eyes well indeed, now enter 0.07 and send
    Not more than 0.07
  5. pick any of the options there as per what you like and hit send
  6. presently select your favored payment, it being mobile money option or airtime.

Now You will get 50mb for chatting on whatsapp. Now try to collect more by doing it more or multiple times to get your 500mb for only 70 pesewas as I said in the title.

Instructions on hoe to browse with the 500mb whatsapp data you have accumulated

Now we will require an application which will help us to browse with the whatsapp data that we have and that application is EC Tunnel vpn.

Now download ec tunel vpn application from Playstore and run it on your android

  • open the application and you will see somewhere in the range of two tabs and the EC Tunnel logo in the application

*Now in the principal tab that is the place where u select the country u need to connect with their server yet I will suggest South Africa since that is the Fastest I am aware of and that is the server that I’ve been utilizing.

  • Now in the subsequent tab that is the place where u pick a plan, look through and pick GH all networks social bundle and select that one.

*Now hit on the EC Tunnel logo there and hang tight for it to connect and on the off chance that it neglects to connect have a go at changing nations till it at last connects.

*After seeing connected on your screen you will have the option to browse with the whatsapp pack given to you

Please use it fast before mtn blocks it
Good luck

If you have any problem please message the one who shared it to you for assistance.

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