✅How to tell your Best friend that you love Her

🟥Things to consider beforehand
🍏Realize that this can change your friendship permanently. 

🍏Realize that rejection is a serious possibility.

🍏Realize That romantic feelings can change over time.

🍏Realize that you don’t have to go it alone. 

🟨 Getting ready
🍎Wait for an appropriate opportunity.

🍎Test the waters with subtle flirting.

🍎Don’t arrange a “date” yet. 

🍎Bring your friend somewhere semi-private when you want to tell her.

🍎Take a deep breath before you “dive in.” 

🟩Taking the big leap

🍇Be honest
🍇Give her a convenient way out if she doesn’t want to be with you.
🍇Try to keep the conversation low-key.
🍇Don’t press your friend for a decision.
🍇Listen and accept whatever outcome you get. 
🍇Be ready to give your friend a little space.

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